Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mac & Cheese

Yesterday I decided to cook some good old Mac & Cheese for dinner. I wasn’t too hungry but I knew Sam would want a good dinner so I cooked some chicken to go with his.
Here is how I make it!
For enough for 2 people you will need…
3 or 4 good sized handfuls of macaroni
3 or 4 good sized handfuls of cheese (depends how cheesey you like it!)
1 mug of milk
3 tbs of plain flour
A knob of butter/margarine
1 tsp of mustard (this is optional but tastaaayy)
1 packet of crushed up salt and vinegar crisps (again optional but the best bit!!)
Salt and pepper as you like it
First of all you set the macaroni to cook as per the instructions on the pack, mine took about 15 minutes. I put salt in the water as I like my food salty.. naughty I know! Also pop the oven on to pre-heat at 200.
Whilst the mac is bubbling away put your flour and a little bit of milk in another saucepan (don’t heat it yet..) and stir until it’s a nice smooth consistency (I didn’t do anything fancy like sieving my flour just whacked it in!) add in the rest of the milk and the butter and bring to the boil. Its important to stir constantly until its nice and thick and creamy.. mmmm. While all this is going on remember to give your mac the odd stir… I find it is terrible for sticking to the pan!
Once your sauce is nice and creamy turn the heat off and add in the cheese and mustard and give it a stir until the cheese has all melted.. now would be a good time to have a sneaky taste, if you want to add some salt and pepper do it now, if you feel you need it chuck in some more cheese or mustard.
When the mac has cooked drain the water away and throw it in with the sauce and give it a good mix, you could serve it up now or you could make it Mac & Cheese Al Forno…put the whole lot in an oven proof dish and sprinkle your crushed crisps on the top and stick it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.
And there you have it.. quick and easy Mac & Cheese.
To finish it off why not make a lime jelly for pudding??
Lottie xxx

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