Tuesday, 5 November 2013

a fringe thing....

I've been toying with the idea of getting a fringe cut in for quite a while.

A few years back I developed what you could say is a fear of hairdressers/people touching my head. ha.. what a loser! Anyway I didn't get my hair cut for about 2 years, just the odd trim of the ends by my Mum when I got desperate.

So last year I decided I would start trying to brave the hairdressers. I originally had a lady come to my house and just trim and tidy my hair up a couple of times. I then went to the hairdressers and had a side fringe and a lot of the length cut off. I really liked the girl there but just as I think I may take the plunge and get a full fringe she goes and leaves and I'm back to worrying about the hairdressers. waaah.

So while I decide what to do I thought I would post some fringe-spiration on here...

Zooey is the goddess of fringe.

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What do you think of fringes?!



  1. Hi, I've just nominated you for the Sunshine Award... , Click the link to see the post!!! :)

    Leyla xx
    Leyla Writes...

    1. Thank you lovely :)
      Post coming soon :D