Friday, 22 November 2013

001. This Week Lottie Loves...

Hello There!

I have decided to start a feature which I will aim to do once a week, probably on a Friday or Saturday which will tell you all the things that I love this week… after all that is the name of my blog J
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- Seeing ‘The Nutcracker’ for the second time this month, this time on ice. It was performed by ‘The Imperial Ice Stars’ and was absolutely fantastic. I found it quite stressful at times, especially when they threw the girl up in the air and you wondered if she would ever land again. Also it starred good old Keith Chegwin.. what more could you want!

- Seeing ‘The Hunger Games’ tonight! As you may know the trilogy are probably my favourite books therefore I am ridiculously excited!

- Having a crafty day with Phoebe tomorrow

- The lovely sunny but cold weather we are starting to have, its just lovely for wintery walks

- Finally making a start on my Christmas shopping! I’ve ordered a few bits and have planned a few other bits to get for people. I’ve also decided to make something for some lucky people so I’ve been secretly plotting too!

- Listening to Bastille on my way to work and getting excited about seeing them in March

- Lying in bed with Sam and Buddy and watching Modern Family. Seriously one of my favourite programmes, I literally can’t pick a favourite character and I kind of believe they are real…

- Covent Garden Soup Co fresh soup only £1 in Morrissons… Skinny Tomato & Vegetables with Lentil soup I am looking at you!

- Getting a new job!! OOOOOOH!

Things I’m not loving so much this week…

- Buddy’s new obsession with attacking himself in the mirror at 5.30 every morning!

- Going to work AND coming home in the dark… one of the good things about my new job is it is very close to home so I won’t have this problem any more!

- How worn out I got after jumping at Ballet last night.. MUST GET FIT!
Lottie xxx


  1. Awww Buddy is adorable - and I love his name! And you've inspired me to start celebrating Midge's birthday as of next year :) I've just booked tickets for the Nutcracker in Edinburgh in January...very excited!! Oh and congrats on the new job :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :)
      I really hope you enjoy the Nutcracker!!