Monday, 25 November 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

On Friday night I FINALLY got to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I say finally because since I read the books and saw the first film I have been waiting for this to come out and I was not disappointed.

I definitely joined in with the salute everytime

Having always been Team Gale, the second book/film has converted me. I still love you Gale but awww Peta.

Anyway… I was impressed by the film, the casting was great (there were a few people that looked different to how I pictured in my head… Beetee was way too cool but it worked!), the set and effects were amazing. HOWEVER, I felt there were 2 key parts of the book missing from the film. Now I don’t want to say too much and spoil it but both involve a Mockingjay, one involves Plutarch Heavensbee and the other some refugees.

It was interesting to talk to my brother after we watched the film as he hadn’t read the books like my mum and I (we kept pulling sad/happy/angry faces when we knew certain things were coming up) and he said it had all made perfect sense so maybe the bits I remembered from the books where not that key!

Jennifer Lawrence is fantastic as usual, I think she is absolutely perfect for Katniss and is such a good role model in real life. She makes me want to whip out a bow and arrow and go for a walk in the woods.

I’m so excited for the next book to be made in to a film – however I have just discovered that ‘Mockingjay’ will be in 2 parts! I will be interested to see at what point the story splits to make the 2 films.

Have you seen Catching Fire yet? What did you think?
Lottie xxx

Friday, 22 November 2013

001. This Week Lottie Loves...

Hello There!

I have decided to start a feature which I will aim to do once a week, probably on a Friday or Saturday which will tell you all the things that I love this week… after all that is the name of my blog J
Image from Pinterest
- Seeing ‘The Nutcracker’ for the second time this month, this time on ice. It was performed by ‘The Imperial Ice Stars’ and was absolutely fantastic. I found it quite stressful at times, especially when they threw the girl up in the air and you wondered if she would ever land again. Also it starred good old Keith Chegwin.. what more could you want!

- Seeing ‘The Hunger Games’ tonight! As you may know the trilogy are probably my favourite books therefore I am ridiculously excited!

- Having a crafty day with Phoebe tomorrow

- The lovely sunny but cold weather we are starting to have, its just lovely for wintery walks

- Finally making a start on my Christmas shopping! I’ve ordered a few bits and have planned a few other bits to get for people. I’ve also decided to make something for some lucky people so I’ve been secretly plotting too!

- Listening to Bastille on my way to work and getting excited about seeing them in March

- Lying in bed with Sam and Buddy and watching Modern Family. Seriously one of my favourite programmes, I literally can’t pick a favourite character and I kind of believe they are real…

- Covent Garden Soup Co fresh soup only £1 in Morrissons… Skinny Tomato & Vegetables with Lentil soup I am looking at you!

- Getting a new job!! OOOOOOH!

Things I’m not loving so much this week…

- Buddy’s new obsession with attacking himself in the mirror at 5.30 every morning!

- Going to work AND coming home in the dark… one of the good things about my new job is it is very close to home so I won’t have this problem any more!

- How worn out I got after jumping at Ballet last night.. MUST GET FIT!
Lottie xxx

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

On The Beach - Nevil Shute

I recently read ‘On The Beach’ by Nevil Shute. It was written in the 1950’s and my boss recommended I read it as he thought I would like it because of my love of ‘The Hunger Games’. So I hopped online and ordered myself a copy from (on a random side note I really do recommend buying second hand books from play, so cheap and such good service!).

The book is set after a fictional (obviously) third world war which ended up becoming nuclear and wiped out the whole of the northern hemisphere. The radiation is slowly spreading southwards killing everyone on its way. It is set in and around Melbourne, Australia where and American Submariner and his crew have arrived. They join forces with the Australian Navy and travel to investigate a stray radio signal near Seattle. Having read the back of the book and a few bits online I thought the main part of the book would be what’s going on near Seattle, however I was wrong. There is so much about the characters and how their lives are affected by the constant treat of radiation poisoning and death. Its one of those books you spend the whole way through willing for a happy ending.

As my boss said it is a harrowing book. Its not nice but I really enjoyed reading it. It is one you have to concentrate on, the way it is written is sometimes a little confusing, especially if you don’t know anything about naval rankings!

If you like books about war/destruction/post-apocalyptic life (like I apparently do) I would definitely recommend this book. I’m off to hunt down the film version now to see how much like the book it is.. although I’m not sure I really want to watch it!

I’ve started reading ‘Call The Midwife’ now, its very interesting so far. I’ve also ordered another Nevil Shute book called ‘A Town Like Alice’.
Lottie xx

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mac & Cheese

Yesterday I decided to cook some good old Mac & Cheese for dinner. I wasn’t too hungry but I knew Sam would want a good dinner so I cooked some chicken to go with his.
Here is how I make it!
For enough for 2 people you will need…
3 or 4 good sized handfuls of macaroni
3 or 4 good sized handfuls of cheese (depends how cheesey you like it!)
1 mug of milk
3 tbs of plain flour
A knob of butter/margarine
1 tsp of mustard (this is optional but tastaaayy)
1 packet of crushed up salt and vinegar crisps (again optional but the best bit!!)
Salt and pepper as you like it
First of all you set the macaroni to cook as per the instructions on the pack, mine took about 15 minutes. I put salt in the water as I like my food salty.. naughty I know! Also pop the oven on to pre-heat at 200.
Whilst the mac is bubbling away put your flour and a little bit of milk in another saucepan (don’t heat it yet..) and stir until it’s a nice smooth consistency (I didn’t do anything fancy like sieving my flour just whacked it in!) add in the rest of the milk and the butter and bring to the boil. Its important to stir constantly until its nice and thick and creamy.. mmmm. While all this is going on remember to give your mac the odd stir… I find it is terrible for sticking to the pan!
Once your sauce is nice and creamy turn the heat off and add in the cheese and mustard and give it a stir until the cheese has all melted.. now would be a good time to have a sneaky taste, if you want to add some salt and pepper do it now, if you feel you need it chuck in some more cheese or mustard.
When the mac has cooked drain the water away and throw it in with the sauce and give it a good mix, you could serve it up now or you could make it Mac & Cheese Al Forno…put the whole lot in an oven proof dish and sprinkle your crushed crisps on the top and stick it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.
And there you have it.. quick and easy Mac & Cheese.
To finish it off why not make a lime jelly for pudding??
Lottie xxx

Monday, 11 November 2013

A ray of Sunshine....

The lovely lovely Leyla has given me the Sunshine Award. 
Thank you so much... this is pretty exciting and hopefully a way for my readers to get to know me a bit more :D
Hop on over and check out Leyla's blog please!

Here goes with the award...

The Rules are as follows:

- Post 11 random facts about yourself
- Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
- Nominate 11 wonderful bloggers
- Write 11 questions for them
- Also let the bloggers know you nominated them

1. Today I tried to open a pack of tacos with a knife and ended up stabbing myself in the finger. owww.
2. Part of me believes I can still be a Prima Ballerina.. haha!
3. As a consequence of the above I dance EVERYWHERE! I cannot bend down to pick something up with out sticking my leg in the air and I rarely walk anywhere in the house, I twirl, leap or glide.
4. I LOVE MY WINTER COAT so much I want it to be winter all year...
5. My boyfriend and I bought our first house last year.
6. My first valentines present from Sam was a little grey hamster called Beau. She grew huge and ended up looking like a rat!
7. My career ambition is to be a wife and mother.. yeah I'm old school!
8. I recently stared yoga, I love it!
9. I'm seeing The Nutcracker for the second time this month next week! This time on ice!
10. Abba are one of my favourite bands.
11. I hate fish... yet there are 2 fish tanks in my house... how did that happen!!!

Questions from 
1. What made you want to blog?
I wanted to write about the things I do, as I like reading what other people do! I also thought it would be a good opportunity to make some friends :)
2. What is your favourite possession?
My teddies from when I was a baby.. they are so special to me!
3. If you had to move countries tomorrow, where would you move to?
Ooooh... this is hard! I would love to live somewhere that I've never been like New Zealand or Fiji. Or I'd love to live in a wooden lodge in the Grand Canyon because that is the most amazing place I have ever been! 
4. What is your favourite inspirational quote?
My parents have always told me 'everything happens for a reason' so I guess that is one thing I always take inspiration from and believe in.
5. What is your favourite dessert?
I like Panna cotta, and mango sorbet... maybe not together though!
6. Why did you start blogging?
I kind of answered this in the first question so I stole the 6th question Leyla answered.... 6. What's your 'blogging goal'? I guess its just to keep it up... I want to make sure I keep writing my blog and not just stop!
7. What made you come up with the idea for your first blog post?
I finished the book and decided that I wanted to start writing about the books that I read... the blog has kind of evolved into more of a lifestyle blog from there as I don't read enough books to keep a blog going on that alone.. I'd post once every 3 weeks haha!!!
8. What is your favourite blog?
I really love Cider With Rosie and The Londoner. Inspirational lifestyle blogs.
9. If you had to be stuck with three celebrities on a desert island, who would you pick?
Jennifer Lawrence... she's just amazing and I may have a slight hunger games obsession so she would be a helpful person to have haha! Ryan Reynolds because I feel like he would probably cheer me and my mate Jen up... and Dan Smith from Bastille.. he can sing to us.
10. What is your favourite shop to visit?
I love going to Cath Kidston and wishing I had all the money in the world haha. At the risk of sounding like my Dad I like to go to garden centres and look at all the house holdy gifty stuff.
11. What is your favourite season of the year and why?
I love Autumn.. so many pretty colours and lovely events!

My 11 Questions Are:
1. What house hold item would you be and why?
2. All time favourite song?
3. If you could play one character from a film who would it be?
4. Why is your blog called what its called?
5. What's your most used app on your phone?
6. What's your job/what do you want to do as a career?
7. If you were an animal what animal would you be?
8. What colour do you wear the most?
9. If you owned a B&B what would you call it?
10. What's your morning routine?
11. What's your favourite dinner?

I tag anyone to do this as these are so much fun!!!


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

a fringe thing....

I've been toying with the idea of getting a fringe cut in for quite a while.

A few years back I developed what you could say is a fear of hairdressers/people touching my head. ha.. what a loser! Anyway I didn't get my hair cut for about 2 years, just the odd trim of the ends by my Mum when I got desperate.

So last year I decided I would start trying to brave the hairdressers. I originally had a lady come to my house and just trim and tidy my hair up a couple of times. I then went to the hairdressers and had a side fringe and a lot of the length cut off. I really liked the girl there but just as I think I may take the plunge and get a full fringe she goes and leaves and I'm back to worrying about the hairdressers. waaah.

So while I decide what to do I thought I would post some fringe-spiration on here...

Zooey is the goddess of fringe.

All the above images can be found on my Pinterest board HAIRTHINGS why not follow me while you are there :)

What do you think of fringes?!


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Papa G's Chilli

We invited Sams parents round for lunch today and decided to cook them something a bit different. Chilli Concarne. 
My Dad makes the best Chilli so I used what he taught me and whipped up a load. Here's how to make it...

This is what you will need (this makes enough for 5 people)
Mince (a big pack! I'm Veggie so used Quorn Mince for one portion for myself)
1 or 2 Onions - I used half a normal onion and a whole red onion
2 or 3 Peppers
2 Tins of Tomatoes
Ground Cumin
Chilli Flakes
Kidney Beans
Rice (I do half a cup per person)

Firstly chop up the onions and put them in the pan with some oil. Fry them until they start to soften.

Then add in the peppers for a few minutes.

While the peppers and onions are cooking you want to drain and rinse the kidney beans.

Chuck in the tins of tomatoes and the kidney beans and give it a good mix.

Then it is time for my secret ingredient....

Sugar and tomatoes is a great combination. So throw in a spoonful of sugar.

Now it's time for my Dads nifty little trick...
Grab one of the empty tomato tins. Put a teaspoon full of ground cumin and a spoonful full of chilli flakes into the tin and fill up with water.

(I spy a Buddy kitten sneaking in!)

Then pour the tin of water in to your chilli and give it a mix.

At this point it kind of looks like you ruin the whole thing but trust me it will be fine. Cover it over with a lid.. or if all else fails (i.e if you are me!!) put some tinfoil over and leave to bubble away while you deal with the meat.

I think most normal people would have put the mince in at the same time as the onions however as I was making one meat version and one veggie version I like to cook the veg separately and then split later. It just means you get the right amount of everything.

So while the veg is simmering I put the mince in a pan and cooked, I don't use oil as the meat tends to provide its own juices. ha! I don't eat meat but I love cooking mince!
When the mince is almost done I start cooking the Quorn mince in another pan, this never takes as long and tend to dry out quite quickly.

When all mince (meat or veggie is ready) I add some of  the veg to the veggie mince and then chuck the meat in with the rest. Leave this to simmer while you cook the rice.

Serve on a plate with rice around the edge and chilli in the middle. Add a big handful of grated cheese and a big dollop of sour cream.

Unfortunately I have no pictures of the finished meal, Sam's parents arrived and I completely forgot to take any photos!

While we ate, Birthday boy Buddy had a special lunch of Ocean Fish Pate which he gobbled up.

And Sam's lovely little sister Phoebe made Buds a birthday cake (which we all enjoyed!).

So this is not your average Sunday lunch but we all enjoyed it!

Lottie xxx

Saturday, 2 November 2013


Now its November.. we’re heading towards Christmas and a whole new year (again… already?! Time flies). There’s quite a lot I am looking forward too in the next month so I thought I would share these with you…

Seeing The Nutcracker! I went to see the it before when I was about 11, the cast arrived fine.. however their costumes missed the ferry over to the UK so we had to watch it with the dancers in their training gear (we obviously got our money back!) which was still good but we missed out on that Christmassy feeling. A couple of months ago I saw an advert which had some of the beautiful music from The Nutcracker, and I was like ‘that is it.. I am seeing The Nutcracker this year’. After a bit of googling I found it was on in November at a theatre near by. I quickly bugged my Ballet girls (or Bunheads as we call ourselves) in to coming with me… we booked a box and can’t wait to go!
Autumnal/Wintery walks.. As you’ll know from my very excitable post a few days ago my Mum and I have signed up for the Moonwalk in May next year. I plan to ease myself in to the walking by sticking on my welly boots and heading to the beach, or a river, or a forest for some nice walks with the boyfriend. (Notice I put Autumnal/Wintery… who knows what the weathers doing in this country, we will just have to play this part by ear!)

My new winter coat! I was in need of a new winter coat big time. Then I saw the most beautiful coat on ASOS and couldn’t say no. I’m praying for cold weather so I can wrap up warm and wear it everywhere. I’m not sure that I have ever been this excited about a coat before!!!
Baking.. Ok so this is a bit of a weird one but I got a Waterstones gift card for my birthday so I have decided I’m going to buy myself a book and learn to make pies, pastries and some more cakes!
Christmas shopping.. ahh I said it! I HATE shopping when it is busy, and I LOVE being super duper organised, therefore all Christmas shopping will be done in November. Not that I know what to get anyone but still I look forward to shopping and wrapping anyway. This leads me nicely on to my next one….


  Making Christmas decorations…. Last year I made lots of Christmas decorations myself, just felt ones… I’m no great seamstress but the looked pretty good. I’m looking forward to adding to my collection this year.. although I feel that Buddy may try and help me, and not in a good way… little monkey!

  My final thing I’m looking forward too is… Buddy’s first birthday! On the 3rd my little baby cat will be all grown up!

Lottie xxx

(All images from Pintrest/My Facebook)

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Owl & The Pussycat

So I'm probably slightly late with the Halloween posting but yesterday I was too excited about the Moonwalk to post about anything else, so today is my post Halloween post.
My boyfriend and I made an Owl and Pussycat pumpkin which we put outside our house to welcome trick or treaters. Last year we were disapointed as we didn't have any but this year we had loads! Lots of lovely/scary costumes and very polite children. I did enjoy giving out my squishy eyeballs!
I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.
Lottie xxxx

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