Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I could have danced all night...

When I was 2 my parents decided to send me to Ballet classes. I started to work my way through the grades and attend classes for other dance styles such as Tap and Modern. I also took in interest in drama and musical theatre. I saw lots of ballets and musicals with my family and studied performing arts at college. Within that I studied loads of dance styles, like Jazz, African, Latin, Musical Theatre Dance and Contemporary. Dance was a huge huge part of my life.

During my gap year I decided I wanted to be a dance teacher so I applied to university and got an interview at my top choice. The day of the interview came and Mum and I battled through heavy snow to get there, not even knowing if the interview was still going ahead. At one point we thought we were going to meet a nasty end (dangerous taxi driver!). I had my interview and showed a dance and got my place.
I started that September and lasted 2 weeks. I decided that university was not for me. It’s not for everyone (remember that all you GCSE/A Level students… you don’t HAVE to go to uni whatever your school/college say!) so I dropped out and did a business admin apprenticeship (and at 21 – 6 moths after finishing my apprenticeship -bought a house so its not all bad!). When I dropped out of university I stopped dancing completely, I couldn’t bring myself to go back.
In January this year I went to see Phantom of the Opera, which has a lot of ballet in. Someone I was with said to me ‘why don’t you go back?’ So I did! And I am so glad that I did!
I did my research about adult classes, I decided I wanted to start completely afresh at a new school that I hadn’t been to before. I hopped on google and found myself a class to go a long to. A week or so later I was back at the barre, a few weeks after that I was back ‘en pointe’ and then in July this year I was in my first show in 5 years. I absolutely loved it… I even got roped in to being in a tap number and did an extra ballet dance with some of the younger students.
me in costume this year!
Not only have I enjoyed dancing again but I have also made a great group of friends… we call ourselves ‘Bunheads’. We have meals out together or dinner parties at each others houses and have been to see the Nutcracker this year and are planning lots more gatherings together!
All images from my facebook or my Ballerina Board on Pinterest!

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