Tuesday, 17 December 2013

001. Wedding Plans: Things To Make To Decorate

I've always wanted to have quite a lot of control over my wedding (sounding a bit Bridezilla-ish but I'm not! Promise!!!) especially in terms of decoration. I've taken to Pinterest in order to get some inspiration of how I would like my venue to be decorated. I'm not fussed on having huge fancy (expensive!) bouquets of flowers I'd rather have candles, glitter globes, jars and anything else homemade I can think of.
I thought I would share a few of the ideas I have found (and pinned HERE) so far...
To make the top table stand out a little bit more (and look so pretty) use icicle christmas lights to hang around it
Glitter Vase.. what you fill it with would depend on your theme.. for example if you were having a winter wedding you could fill with white spray painted twigs
Glitter Globes! Again what you put in it could relate to your theme/colour scheme.
Using lace and old (clean) jam jars to make beautiful candle holders. Putting candles on a mirror always looks good as well.
Glitter Stars, could be used to decorate the top table or on the walls around the room with lots of fairy lights. So sparkly!
More jam jar ideas.. this is so simple but so pretty. You could use coloured water to match your them and coloured candles and ribbon too.
Heart Bunting... well bunting in general.. there's so many options in terms of size, colour, style. Bunting will suit any occasion!
All these have come from my Pinterest so if you want to know how head over and you will find tutorials!
If I make any of these I will try to post tutorials or photos of how it looks.
I plan to doa  few more ot these posts over the next few weeks, and hopefully in the new year I will have some actual wedding plans to share!

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