Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Meet Buddy...

Meet my little kitten Buddy!
He's really not very little anymore, he's actually massive, with a giant tail that's like a lemurs.
Buddy was my Christmas present from Sam last year. He somehow managed to hide a big Santa's sack full of kitten related items from me. Sam gave me all the presents and then told me to choose a kitten.
I found him online and contacted his owner and went to meet him. The lady had 2 kittens, both were so cute but Buddy was the bossy one and decided he wanted to come home with us.

He was so small and fluffy... but very noisy! He still is. When we first got him he was smaller than Sam's shoes!

We picked him up on 29th December and spent New Years Eve on the sofa with Baby Buddy asleep between us!
Now Buddy is nearly 1!

He is a huge cat now, he's still very cuddly. In the mornings he herds me towards the sofa and pounces on me for a cuddle. He won't sit on your lap, he has to lie up your tummy with his little paws around your neck. He's very noisy and still very playful... but not with his toys. He likes to play with screwed up paper and straws (he will literally pull them out your drink!). At the moment he is an indoor cat. I'm wary of letting him outside. He likes to pose for photos and watch out the window when we go out and come back home. He also likes to terrorise the fish in the tank by hitting the glass.
I expect I will do many more posts about Buddy, he's just so pretty I can't help taking photos of him!

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