Monday, 28 October 2013

How I Live Now - Meg Rosoff

A while ago I saw an advert for a new film that I fancied seeing – How I Live Now. After googling I discovered that it was actually a book first. I am always one for reading the books before I see the film. So I ordered a second hand copy of the book from – I do have a kindle, but if I can get a cheaper second hand book then I always will.
I was excited to read this book as from what I had seen from the film advert the story seemed really interesting. It’s actually a teenage fiction book, but never too old!
The story is about 16 year old New Yorker Daisy who is sent to England to live with her Aunt Penn and four cousins on a farm in the middle of nowhere in England. Whilst there a war breaks out, a long with a slightly odd relationship with her cousin Edmund. Because of the war the cousins end up being split up. The book continues with Daisy and her cousin Piper trying to get back to the rest of the family. I don’t like to spoil books for people by writing what actually happens so I will leave it at that.
I did enjoy the book, the style of writing took a little while to get used to and I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending, however I never really am.
Unfortunately I was a bit slow with getting to actually read the book so I am pretty sure I have missed it at the cinema so you will have to wait for my views on the film until I can get hold of the DVD.
I’ve got a few things planned to write about soon… a preview screening of ‘Saving Mr Banks’ that I went too, the Halloween performance I recently took part in.. and if all goes to plan I hope to carve some pumpkins this week so there should be some pictures coming up soon! Also I’m going to see ‘The Nutcracker in a couple of weeks time, performed by the Moscow City Ballet – I’m sitting in a box how fancy – and I am currently reading ‘On The Beach’ by Nevil Shute, so when I finish this (although I feel it may take a while) I will do a little write up on that.
I’ve been busy with a drama performance and ballet recently so I’m really going to try and get in to the swing of this blogging business in the run up to Christmas, as there are so many things to blog about then!
Lottie xx

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